Diana Successfully Defends her Master’s Thesis

Diana Bedolla López celebrating with some of the Egesta Lab members and friends after successfully defending her master’s thesis.

Big congratulations, Diana!

IRES Student Seminar with Diana Bedolla López

Egesta Lab master’s student, Diana Bedolla López, presents her research at the IRES seminar.

Congrats, Diana!

New student joins Egesta Lab!

We are delighted to welcome our new student, Dayna Rachkowski, to the Egesta Lab!

Dayna joins us from the University of Guelph and will be starting her master’s program at IRES in September 2022!

Welcome to the team!

Egesta Lab Members Participating in the SETAC Europe Conference!

Egestal Lab members, Jerry (left), Annegaaike (middle), and Diana (right) attending the 43rd SETAC Europe Annual Meeting (Conference) that was held (in person) on 15-19th May 2022 in Copenhagen.

Second photo-Diana conducting a workshop at the conference.

Third photo-Jerry presenting his research at the conference.


Great work Team!

Jack Durant Graduates!

CONGRATS, Jack Durant, on your 2022 Graduation!


We wish you all the best! 🎉

IRES Student Seminar with Georgia Green

Egesta Lab master’s student, Georgia Green, presents his research at the IRES seminar.

Congratulations, Georgia!

2021 Nov, 6th Egesta Lab Party!

Some of the Egesta Lab members taking a photo after the party.                                             Family members join in taking a photo.


Master’s Students Diana and Georgia Receive Scholarship Awards!

Congratulations to our Master’s student Diana Bedolla Lopez who received the 2021 Les Lavkulich Graduate Student Fellowship, awarded by the Institute for Resources, Environment, and Sustainability.

We also congratulate our Master’s student Georgia Green who received the 2021 UBC Affiliated Spring Graduate Award.


Great Work Diana and Georgia!!

Dr.Gunilla Öberg to serve as a panelist on a Webinar discussion on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals!

Dr.Gunilla Öberg, the Egesta Lab Principal Investigator, has been selected to serve as a panelist on a Webinar discussion about analytical approaches, challenges, and future directions of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals exposure. The Webinar is hosted by the Society of Toxicology of Canada (STC) in partnership with CIAPE-ICEDA- Centre intersectoriel d’analyse des perturbateurs endocriniens, and focuses on the topic “25 years after Our Stolen Future: What have we learned about endocrine disruption?”

Find out more on the announcement page, here 

Congratulations, Dr.Gunilla Öberg!!!


Annegaaike appointed as SETAC Europe’s rep for European Commission’s high level roundtable to support new chemicals strategy!

Egesta Lab principal investigator Annegaaike Leopold has been appointed as the SETAC Europe’s representative, one of 32 organizations allotted a seat at the European Commission’s high-level roundtable to support the new chemicals strategy.

Congratulations, Annegaaike!

The round table will convene with the Commission on May 5th for their inaugural meeting to discuss the roundtable’s role and implementation of the strategy. It is also anticipated that much of the discussion will be on social and economic dimensions of industry transition to safe and sustainable chemicals.

More than 120 organizations competed for a position on the roundtable and it is an extraordinary honor to advise policy at this level! Annegaaike will be among representatives from industry, civil society, scientific and international organizations.