Jerry Achar

Egesta Researcher JerryPh.D. Student
RES Graduate Program
The University of British Columbia
Jerry holds a BSc. in Environmental Science from Kenyatta University and an MSc in Environmental Science and Ecological Engineering from Korea University. During his master’s study, he was broadly involved in research related to emerging organic micropollutants in freshwater systems: occurrence, toxicity, trophic transfer, and degradation. Jerry has always been passionate about research entwining Chemicals of Emerging Concern, Human Health, and Policy, so it was an easy decision to progress to pursue his Ph.D. in this interdisciplinary field. Jerry feels so privileged to join the Egesta lab, comprising of an experienced multidisciplinary team, under the supervision of Dr.Gunilla Öberg, where he will get the opportunity to develop his academic and research skills to become an independent researcher in this field.